An innovative digital - cost saving solution

Learnit SDNet Technology (Stored Data Network) is a cost saving solution
that provides an innovative Hands-on digital learning environment in the
classroom where there is little or no internet access. Students can bring
``Their Own Devices`` and connect to a Learnit Server in the classroom
when they install the “Learnit App” from Google Play Store.
The Learnit app from Google Play Store is no longer available for installation
on “Student Own Devices” as there were too many technical issues associated
with a variety of generic tablets that were below specifications.

Offline Content

A hub which hosts learning materials for instant access on students’ devices in kindergarten, primary and secondary classrooms.

Wireless Content Delivery

Content is delivered to students devices from the SDNet Server at extremely high speeds in the classroom via the Learnit app, which is available from Google play store.

Interactive Learning

There are over 150 full version, education practice apps, for students’ hands-on learning, and thousands of other open-source learning materials, that support the curriculum in the various subjects.

Learnit is more than just technology

Because of the increasing power of mobile devices to transform learning in the classroom more and more schools are changing their approach to education and incorporating mobile devices into their teaching methods. However, the stumbling block has been inadequate internet bandwidth and expensive data cost. AND NOW THERE IS A SOLUTION!

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The evolution of learning

Learnit SDNet Hands-on Technology is designed to help children learn in a more efficient and engaging way both inside and outside the classroom. Students from kindergarten to secondary schools are able to access a host of learning materials, which can be instantly downloaded on their Learnit” Devices” from the Learnit SDNet Server in the classroom without internet connection in these categories: Arts & Music, Dictionaries, Games, Grammar, Languages, Literacy, Notes, Numeracy, Nursery Rhymes, Story Books, Science and Others.

The applications available on this innovative and interactive Class-Server, fully support the standard kindergarten, primary and secondary school curriculum.

Learnit materials are being managed and updated regularly by a team of educators, technologists, child psychologists, teachers and parents who are focused on finding the most current, best quality contents available.

Learnit features

Years of strategic research contributed to the successful design and development and of the Learnit SDNet™ Server, which is capable of hosting and delivering educational and corporate content, without internet connection at extremely high speeds.

  • Plug & Play Technology - No additional hardware or infrastructure needed to use Learnit SDNet Technology.
  • Upload and download content at speeds over fifty (50) times faster than conventional internet.
  • Learnit Tablets are preloaded with over 170 educational, hands-on, practice applications for students.
  • Features the award winning open-source learning platform "Khan Academy" with all content pre-loaded on Server.
  • • Available in three packages (Bronze, Silver & Gold) to meet the specific class needs.
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SDNet platform

AN IDEAL PLATFORM for Navigating the Challenges of PEP and more...
Learnit is designed to assist teachers and students navigate the challenges of PRIMARY EXIT PROFILE (PEP), which is intended to focus on critical thinking skills and accurately measure how students use the knowledge, abilities and skills they are developing to solve problems.


Learnit Servers are loaded with over eighty thousand (80,000) video lessons, practice applications, e-books, and other content that can be delivered directly from The Learnit SDNet Server to students’ tablets without the use of internet or data connections.

Contents available on Learnit SDNet Server include:
MATH:- Early Math, Arithmetic, Pre- algebra, Algebra 1&2, Basic geometry, Geometry, Trigonometry Pre-calculus, Math contests.

LITERACY:- Learn to read in 6-8 months with proven practice applications

SCIENCE:- Biology, Physics, Chemistry

COMPUTING:- Computer programming, Computer science

GAMES:- Variety of games to build memory and logic skills

CODING:- Begin early, an important subject for all students


Protected launcher: only pre-approved applications are accessible to the child
Safe browser: access to only white-listed online content
Kid-friendly video player: streams pre-approved online content and plays local content through use of an easy to understand interface
Teacher/Parental control: manage how a child can use their device (time lock, control Internet access, privacy protection, etc.)
Applications: easy to use and fully interactive with 4 simple steps (Touch, Listen, Do, and Learn).

With the use of Learnit SDNet™ Technology teachers and administrators can easily upload:

  • Teachers Lesson plans & Homework
  • Digital textbooks
  • YouTube Instructional Videos
  • Locally produced content
  • Quizzes & Exams
  • Hands-on practice applications and other learning material, on to the Learnit Server for instant download on students’ tablets in the class-room

Why Learnit SDNet Technology?

Built-in App Store

Access to over 150 full version, practice educational android applications


Learnit SDNet Memory Capacity - 256 GB (Bronze) and is Upgradable to 2TB

Load Balancing

Up to seventy five (75) concurrent users of the same class on a single server per session.

Built-in Antivirus

Learnit server is totally secured from malware and virus affecting its operation.

Shared Internet

WAN port option for internet connection sharing in classroom


High speed wireless AC Technology with speeds up to 5.3Gbps.


Light weight and easy to move around for usage and storage.


Plug & Play Technology with no Internet/Data Required for Server to function.

Learnit SDNet Technology in schools

Learnit SDNet Technology will transform learning in your school.

Proven results

Learnit SDNet technology bridges the education gap by bringing digital education into todays' smart classrooms.

Affordable Prices

Select an affordable Learnit SDNet Server from the three available packages and bring digital education to the classroom to guarantee that no student is left behind. For Learnit SDNet Server leasing arrangements, please contact


  • 256GB Storage
  • 50 users at once.
  • Preloaded Content
  • Web Caching
  • Customer Support 24/7


  • 500GB Storage
  • 65 users at once
  • Preloaded Content
  • Web Caching
  • Customer Support 24/7


  • 1TB Storage
  • 75 users at once
  • Preloaded Content
  • Web Caching
  • Customer Support 24/7

About Learnit Technology

Learnit SDNet - Stored Data Network - makes everything students need to learn available in the class-room at a flash, to guaranty that no student will be left behind.

Science & Art of Education

  • Everybody learns.
  • The science of education is assisting students to master the steps and processes of acquiring knowledge.
  • The art of education is making learning simple and fun.

The TLDL Team believes!

  • The TLDL team strongly believes: “It is not sufficient to have great building methods but the foundation must be solid and secure to build upon.”
  • Frederick Douglas says it this way-“It is easier to build strong (educated) children than to repair broken men.”

Hands-on Learnit

The Learnit hands-on technology has a simple but profound purpose, to use technology and years of teaching experience to bring greater efficiency and fun to education for slow and quick learners.

Learnit full version applications can be used to assess children’s strengths and weaknesses to determine what applications are needed for improvement

  • Touch-Listen-Do- Learnit, is the core of the Learnit Technology. This hands-on, interactive techno involves the combined powerful use of the senses to help children learn at their own pace, and steadily develop the skills to master the various subjects at kindergarten, primary, and secondary levels.                            .
  • After a lesson is taught students can download full version Learnit Apps from Learnit Server to practice the lesson.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some quick help? Here are some responses for questions that are frequently asked about Learnit SDNet Technology.

Can I use the Learnit SDNet App if my school does not have a server?
No, the Learnit SDNet & AppStore app requires the student to be connected to a server in their school/classroom.
Can students register on their own?
Parents, guardians or teachers need to register each student, and the registration must be verified by a school administrator before enrollment is completed.
What platform/devices are needed for Learnit SDnet App?
Learnit SDNet app is designed to work on android Tablets.

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