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Warranty: Terms & Conditions

Warranties of Learnit products are limited under the following terms of agreement:


Product Duration
Learnit Tablet 1 Year
Battery 1 Year
Accessories 3 Months





Caribbean eBook Ltd warrantees products against hardware or manufacturing defects for the duration as stated above. The user is required to keep the original receipt of purchase, which will prove the date of purchase, for the period of the warranty. A copy of the receipt of purchase will be asked of the purchaser for the validation of his/her warranty. Only receipts of purchase from Distributor/Retailer will be accepted by Caribbean eBook Ltd. For example, proofs of purchase such as bank or credit card statements; Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discovery… etc. or statements from payment providers such as PayPal,, etc. will not be acceptable.


  1. Caribbean eBook Ltd will not warranty the proper operation of products in the event of installation of any programs or applications other than Learnit full version preloaded applications and software.


  1. Caribbean eBook Ltd warranty covers defects only resulting from normal use of the product, and therefore does not cover:


  • Products that present major cosmetic damage (e.g. dents, cracks, scratches etc.) and/or traces of humidity/corrosion or foreign bodies (e.g. drinks and foodstuffs etc.);
  • Products that have suffered incorrect or inadequate maintenance or modification;
  • Software, interfaces, media, parts and material that are not provided by or approved by Caribbean eBook Ltd.
  • Products that have been using an incorrect power supply or damaged connectors.
  • Any use of the product that does not follow product specifications use.


  1. If during the warranty period, Caribbean eBook Ltd receives notification of a material defect that follows the warranty conditions, Caribbean eBook Ltd will either repair the product using new or refurbished parts, or replace the faulty product with a new or refurbished product. When a product or part is replaced by Caribbean eBook Ltd, Caribbean eBook Ltd immediately becomes the owner of the defective object and the client becomes the owner of the replacement object. (The replaced product will have the same functionalities and features as the product being replaced)


  1. Caribbean eBook Ltd is not required to replace a defective product if the defective product has not been returned to Caribbean eBook Ltd by the distributor/retailer/purchaser. Within 15 days of receipt of product, Caribbean eBook Ltd will fulfil its warranty obligation to process the returned merchandise and ship replacement accordingly.


  1. Caribbean eBook Ltd will not be held responsible for the loss of data stored on the returned product. We recommend that users make a backup of their data prior to the return of the product. Caribbean eBook Ltd will make a good faith effort to recover user’s data (but note this is not covered under the warranty).


  1. The warranty is non-transferable. Caribbean eBook Ltd will not warranty purchases carried out by exchange or auction or second hand purchases. This clause also applies to second hand sales, exchanges or auctions carried out on internet sites specialized in auctions and second hand sales.


  1. Caribbean eBook products are equipped with batteries that have a limited number of possible recharges. As such the autonomy of a battery will progressively deteriorate over time. Caribbean eBook Ltd will warranty batteries for 12 months. If batteries show signs of tampering, exposure to water or excessive heat, then it is out of warranty coverage.


  1. Caribbean eBook Ltd does not warranty any damages that occur to the screens of purchased products. A screen that is cracked, broken or has at least two defective pixels in the same area will be considered as defective and will not be covered by the warranty.


  1. If any Learnit tablet has been opened, exposed to water, or exposed to excessive heat then all warranties automatically expire. Caribbean eBook Ltd cannot be held responsible for user attempts to conduct diagnostic testing, self-repairs, or failure to properly handle the Learnit tablets.




To the extent allowed by local law, neither Caribbean eBook Ltd nor its third party suppliers make any other warranty or condition of any kind, whether express or implied, with respect to Caribbean eBook Ltd, Learnit tablets, and specifically disclaim the implied warranties or conditions of merchantability.



To the extent allowed by local law,

  • The remedies provided in this Warranty Statement are the customer’s sole and exclusive remedies.
  • Except for the obligations specifically set forth in this warranty statement, in no event shall Caribbean eBook Ltd or its third party suppliers be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, whether based on contact, tort, or any other legal theory and whether advised of the possibility of such damages.


  2. Returns within the warrantee period


  • Caribbean eBook Ltd reserves the right to verify that the faulty function of the returned Learnit tablet is not due to abnormal or incorrect use by the user.


  • FOR ALL PRODUCT RETURNS: A RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION (RMA) IS REQUIRED. The Distributor/Retailer will utilize Caribbean eBook Ltd RMA form to submit the repair request. Caribbean eBook Ltd technical support team will promptly review each request and will make a warranty determination. If the product must be sent to Caribbean eBook Ltd Product Authorized Repair location, the Return Merchandize Authorization process must be followed. Caribbean eBook Ltd repair obligations as related to the warranty defined above terminates after the period of warranty or due to the limitations of the warranty as stated above.


  1. Shipping fees: shipping fees of the product to Caribbean eBook Ltd are at the expense of the user. Caribbean eBook Ltd will not be responsible for paying any additional import, customs or additional insurances charges.


  1. Caribbean eBook Ltd reserves the right to refuse any insufficiently packaged product on arrival. Inadequate packaging can cause of additional damage to product for which Caribbean eBook Ltd will not be held responsible.


  1. All Caribbean eBook Ltd products returned must display the return number clearly and legibly on the returned package. Any product returned without an RMA number cannot be accepted by our returns service Department.


  1. If you receive a returned product that is damaged, please inform your courier service immediately (Post office, FedEx, UPS).