About Us

The Caribbean eBook Learnit Tablet is designed to help children learn in a more efficient and engaging manner both inside and outside the classroom. Designed and managed by a team of educators, technologists, child psychologists and parents, application content was carefully researched and selected to provide enjoyable and creative ways to aid in intellectual development.


Learnit enhances the educational and social development of children with pre-installed interactive applications ranging from math and reading, language and arithmetic to music and art. The uniqueness of Learnit allows its users to access its educational platform without internet connection. Other features such as teacher/parental controls and child lock features protect children from internet misuse and restrict kids to applications approved by teachers and parents.


Teachers and parents alike are reporting dramatic turnarounds in the way their students and children are quickly grasping concepts in reading, writing and arithmetic. Designed to supplement preschool, kindergarten, primary and secondary school curriculum, children quickly find their knowledge level and pace at which they learn improve. This ensures that every child advances and no child is left behind.