Learnit is more than Just Technology

Recognising the increasing power of mobile devices to transform learning in the classroom more and more schools are changing their approach to education and incorporating mobile devices into their teaching methods.


More than just technology, the Learnit is mobile “teach-nology” in the form of a tablet that is pre-loaded with over 150 full-version applications in 12 specific categories. “Learnit” includes a one-year subscription and newly added content is available for a small annual fee.

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teachers saying
Patna River Estate Primary School

Patna River Estate Primary School

“We took children who had difficulty engaging in the classroom and put “Learnit” in their hands. The results shocked us. Within two months we began seeing positive signs. Students became interested in learning, they interacted readily and easily with the devices and interest in being at school soared. Learnit belongs in every teacher’s classroom and in every child’s hands.”

Sherryl Beguesse

“I’ve really enjoyed using “Learnit” as a tool. In my classroom I use it to share knowledge and information, communicate and build a real learning community by creating a culture of engagement through interactivity. It’s a tool that causes my children to think of learning differently. Sure, it can’t replace great teaching but it enhances the way I roll out my curriculum.”

Sherry Akal – Teacher


The Caribbean eBook “Learnit” tablet is designed to help children learn in a more efficient and engaging way both inside and outside the classroom. This competitively priced device offers access to over 150 quality applications in three major fields: Education, Creativity and Entertainment. From math and reading to language and music as well as games and cartoons, “Learnit” provides two tablets for young students:

  • Level 1, for children in grades K through grade 1; and
  • Level 2, for children in grades 2 through 6.


The applications available on this innovative and interactive educational tablet are based on the standard kindergarten and primary school Caribbean curriculum and offers unlimited access to top-quality learning material designed and managed by a team of educators, technologists, child psychologists and parents who are focused on finding the most current, best quality content available.

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Caribbean eBook “Learnit” is:

Functional and Fun

  • Has 150+ secure full version software apps – developed
  • specifically for k and primary education
  • Functions without internet connection
  • Requires little supervision
  • Is convenient- lightweight and mobile
  • Is easy to use and fully interactive with 4 simple steps
  • (touch, listen, do, and learn)

Packed with Innovative Features

  • Super fast “Learnit” – Quad Core, 2Gig Ram, 4.4.2 Jelly Bean, Android operating system
  • Protected launcher: only pre-approved applications are accessible to the child
  • Safe browser: access to only white-listed online content
  • Kid-friendly video player: streams pre-approved online content and plays local content through use of an easy to understand interface
  • Parental control: manage how a child can use the device (time lock, control Internet access, privacy protection, etc.)

Carries Unique Content

  • Developed to support K through grade 6 curriculum
  • Free of advertisements
  • Free of in-app purchases without permission
  • Tested for viruses and malware
  • Conforms to the highest privacy standards
  • Guarantees that no child who uses “Learnit” is left behind